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IP Theft Protection against Internal and External Threats

Did you know that almost 70 percent of the world’s intellectual property is within the United States?
This is due to the fact that the majority of US-based companies are dedicated to extensive research and development. Although companies in the US place a lot of emphasis on their intellectual property, recent studies conducted by the American Society of Industry Security (ASIS) revealed that one-third of their companies do not have any formal program for protection against IP theft. The ASIS estimated that over $150 billion is lost per year due to the escalation of the regularity and intensity of IP theft. The fact that our world is so technologically advanced means that if the right steps are not taken to protect IP, sensitive information can be shared globally within a matter of minutes. It is therefore of utter importance that companies take the necessary steps and precautions to protect and safeguard IP.


Internal Protection against IP Theft

Most companies aim at protecting their IP against external threat, overlooking the fact that protection against IP theft should first and foremost start from within. Most companies overlook the human element. The fact is that anyone who has physical or electronic access to sensitive information relating to a company’s intellectual property can easily engage in IP theft. Humans within organizations can be directly responsible for IP theft because they are ignorant and careless so they do not always comprehend the consequences of their actions. They also disregard security which increases the risk of IP theft while some of them are just malicious and engage in IP theft for their own financial gain. 

The following guidelines can be implemented internally to protect IP against internal threats. Read More...

The power of human creativity and IP rights

An endless source of creation

How many things has the human mind generated in History? If we try to think of all objects, ideas and works with which we have come up, our head will instantaeally find itself lost in a bajillion of possibilities. From the Pyramids to the fork, from spaceships to that plug that prevents water from running out of your bath tub, we people over time have created a myriad of objects. Some of them serve great purpose and even can save our lives, such as vaccines or a defibrilator, and others are there just for the awe and emotion of the people, like works of art. There are even objects that don't seem to serve any purpose (or at least they haven't, in the beginning) and people made just for the fun of making something.

Humanity is always hungry for creating new things, especially things that they can use to solve problems or increase their life quality. These goals have powered the effort of millions and millions of men and women and their result is the cummulus of inventions and creations that we call culture and technology. The fuel of science is the will to know, and the fuel to inventions is the will to create from what we know.  Read More...

Compare Conveyancing Quotes

The expenses of estate trading

Selling and buying property is part of moving on in life. Many events can push people into changing places, upsizing or downsizing. You can leave your home town or city in order to pursue new studies or even job opportunities, or simply chasing new experiences. Maybe you want to raise your children in the suburbs or the country, or the other way around, you want to move to the big cities to develop yourself economically and professionally. Changes in the size of the family or your life project may also lead to purchasing new properties and selling old ones. It's all part of the movement that we all have in our lives, so all of us will sooner or later find ourselves in this situation.

If you have sold and/or bought a property before, you are aware of the massive expenses that it takes. If you haven't, you will eventually find out. If your idea is to buy something, you are already mentalized in disembursing a large amount of money, especially if you have something big in mind. However, if your plan is to sell, or downsize, don't be so sure about how much money you are going to make, because there are still many conveyancy and paperwork expenses to take on account. Read More...


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