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We are a vast company entirely dedicated to the protection and management of intellectual property in the United Kingdom. We devote ourselves to ensure that you rights over your own work are preserved, so you can stop worrying about being plagiated or called in question, and instead you can focus on what is most important for you.

Here in Equity Networks we have a team of professional lawyers that are specialized in the many matters of intellectual property. We know that, as a creator, you have a lot of things to mind in your creative process. The advance of science, arts and technology are upon your shoulders, and society itself must be grateful to you because of all that you do for it. Your work deserves protection and we are here to ensure that you will get it.

Our services

We manage all paperwork related to trademarks and copyrights. Nobody likes paperwork; we love paperwork. Few know how to handle paperwork properly; we are very well trained in handling paperwork properly. We request it, we fill it, we send it, we get it.

We serve as mediators in any dispute about intellectual property. We assist you in any controversy that anyone would like to set against you. We will step by your side and have your back, and defend you from an accuser or plaintiff. We are experts in negotiation and can calm arguments down before the spark turns into a flame. Save yourself lots of headaches and bitter pills.

We manage patents and any legal procedure destinated to safeguard your own ideas and inventions. We are well aware of the value of your work. Anything that has come out of your mind in a creative process belongs to you and to you only. If someone wants to steal it away, we will be there to prevent it.

We keep and eye on everyone else’s claim of property over creations or ideas, to make sure that they are not stolen from you. Now, you won’t even have to worry about monitoring the activity in your field of expertise, looking for someone who could have taken your precious ideas and pretend to obtain for them the credit that you and only you deserve. If we happen to find something suspicious, we will make a proper investigation to ensure that it is actually thievery. We will conctact you to let you know if this happens, but you will not have to worry about it. We will. And we will take any measure that is needed to assure that the one who has tried to take your intellectual property as his or hers will face the consequences, whatever it takes. 

Everyone is capable of creating something. Anything created by people can be helpful for the world. All human creations should be respected and protected. Let us mind, so you will not have to. Do not doubt in contacting us using the form that we have provided. Our team is always at your service.




Happy customers

"I had already had a bad experience when my first webcomic got stolen and someone else took credit for it. It was the worst. Now I have learnt my lesson. Equity Network has protected my work ever since and never again anything like that happened."
Ernest J. Connor


"I always knew how important patents were, but I was just too lazy to do all the boring and innecesarily complicated paperwork. Now I let Equity Networks handle all that. It’s just way easier."
Amanada Huntington